Thursday, July 7, 2011

Sahitya Akademi - Yuva Puraskar for 2011 for young Indian Writers

Sahitya Akademi

Yuva Puraskar for 2011 for young Indian Writers

Sahitya Akademi announces its first annual Yuva Puraskar for 2011 for young Indian writers in the age group of 35 and below in all the 24 languages recognized by Sahitya Akademi. The award carries a cash component of Rs. 50,000/-. Writers and publishers are requested to submit their books latest by 31st July 2011.


(1) In order to be eligible for the award, the book must be an outstanding contribution to the language and literature to which it belongs. The book may be a creative or a critical work, but must not be

(a) a work of translation; or
(b) an abridgement, or a compilation, or an annotation; or
(c) a treatise or research work prepared for a university degree or any examination;or
(d) the work of an author who has earlier won an award from the Akademi (other than the Bal Sahitya Puraskar /Translation Prize);or
(e) the work of an author who is a member of the Executive Board of the Akademi;or
(f) beyond the age of 35 years on 1st January of the year of the award.

(2) An incomplete work may be considered for the award only if the part that comprises the book is complete in itself.

(3) A posthumous publication is not eligible for Award.

(4) A book shall be disqualified for the award if it is established to the satisfaction of the Executive Board that canvassing has been done by the author.

(5) The publishers can send as many books as they desire.

(6) The books so submitted will not be returned to the authors, writers or publishers and no correspondence will be entertained regarding the award process.

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