Kalyani University - Ph.D. Programme 2011 - 12

Kalyani University
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Email: klyuniv_rgs@yahoo.co.in

Admission Notice 2011 - 12

Admission to Ph.D. Programme

Last date to apply: 29 July 2011

About University: Having started as a unitary University, it has, at present developed into an important affiliating institution of higher education currently having under its aegis – colleges of two major districts of West Bengal. Together with these colleges which conduct Graduate and Postgraduate Courses, the University also has under its jurisdiction other institutions offering management and professional courses and two Law colleges. The affiliating University has four Faculties which offer Postgraduate Courses in Science, Arts, Commerce, Education, Engineering, Technology & Management combining the traditional with the contemporary in emerging multidisciplinary areas of study and research.

For more details, visit: www.klyuniv.ac.in

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