Tuesday, March 15, 2011

PTU - Date Sheet May 2011 of B.Tech 1st and B.Tech 2nd Semester

Punjab Technical University Jalandhar

Proposed Datesheet for Examination May-2011

Time: Morning Session:9.30 AM to 12.30 PM / Evening Session:1.30 PM to 4.30 PM

Date - Sess - Sem - Sub Title

30-May-11 M 1 Mathematics-I
31-May-11 M 2 Mathematics-II
1-Jun-11 M 1&2 Elements of Mechanical Engg
2-Jun-11 M 1&2 Communication Skills
3-Jun-11 M 1&2 Chemistry
4-Jun-11 M 1&2 Engg. Drawing & Computer Graphics
6-Jun-11 M 1&2 Basic Electrical Engg.
7-Jun-11 M 1&2 FCPIT
8-Jun-11 M 1&2 Physics
30-May-11 M 1 Engg. Mathematics-I
31-May-11 M 1 FCP & IT
1-Jun-11 M 1 Engg. Physics
2-Jun-11 M 1 Engg. Chemistry
3-Jun-11 M 1 Basic Electrical & Electronics Engg.
4-Jun-11 M 1 Commn. Skills
6-Jun-11 M 1 Engg. Drawing & Computer Graphics
7-Jun-11 M 1 Elements of Mech. Engg.
13-May-11 E 2 Engg. Mathematics-II (Only Regular Students)
16-May-11 E 2 Engg. Mathematics-II (Only Re-appear Students)
18-May-11 E 2 Engg. Physics
18-May-11 E 2 FCP & IT
20-May-11 E 2 Basic Electrical & Electronics Engg.
20-May-11 E 2 Engg. Chemistry
23-May-11 E 2 Commn. Skills
23-May-11 E 2 Engg. Drawing & Computer Graphics (Only Regular Students)
26-May-11 E 2 Engg. Drawing & Computer Graphics (Only Re-appear Students)
27-May-11 E 2 Elements of Mech. Engg.

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