PTU - Date Sheet May 2011 - B.Tech Electrical Engineering 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th & 8th Semester

Punjab Technical University Jalandhar

Proposed Datesheet for Examination May-2011

Morning Session:9.30 AM to 12.30 PM / Evening Session:1.30 PM to 4.30 PM

Date - Sess - Sem - Sub Title

3rd Semester

31-May-11 E 3 Applied Maths-III
2-Jun-11 E 3 Network Analysis & Synthesis
4-Jun-11 E 3 Magnetic Circuits & Transformers
7-Jun-11 E 3 Electrical Measurements & Measuring Instruments
8-Jun-11 E 3 Object Oriented Programming
10-Jun-11 E 3 Electronic Devices & Circuits

4th Semester

12-May-11 M 4 EMEC & DC Machines
14-May-11 M 4 Digital Electronics
17-May-11 M 4 Applied Electronics
19-May-11 M 4 Instrumentation Engg.
21-May-11 M 4 Linear Control Systems
24-May-11 M 4 Electrical Engg. Materials

5th Semester

30-May-11 E 5 Asynchronous Machines
1-Jun-11 E 5 E.M. Field Theory
3-Jun-11 E 5 Power system-I (Trans. & Distribution)
6-Jun-11 E 5 Microprocessors and Interfacing
9-Jun-11 E 5 Power Electronics
11-Jun-11 E 5 Numerical Analysis

6th Semester

13-May-11 M 6 Synchronous Machines
16-May-11 M 6 Electric Drives & Utilization
18-May-11 M 6 Power system-II (Switchgear&Protectio)
20-May-11 M 6 Power Plant Engg.
23-May-11 M 6 Environmental science
25-May-11 M 6 Optimization Techniques
25-May-11 M 6 Human resource Management
25-May-11 M 6 Total Quality Management
25-May-11 M 6 Industrial Measurements

7th & 8th Semester

12-May-11 E 7&8 Computer Aided Power System Analysis
14-May-11 E 7&8 Non-linear and Digital Control Systems
17-May-11 E 7&8 Generation of Electric Power
19-May-11 E 7&8 Extra High Voltage Engg.
19-May-11 E 7&8 Non Conventional Energy Sources.
19-May-11 E 7&8 Biomedical Engg.
19-May-11 E 7&8 Communication Engg.
19-May-11 E 7&8 Electrical Machine Design
21-May-11 E 7&8 Fuzzy Logics & Systems
21-May-11 E 7&8 Neural Networks
21-May-11 E 7&8 Database Management System
21-May-11 E 7&8 Data Communication
21-May-11 E 7&8 Operating System
21-May-11 E 7&8 Software Engg
21-May-11 E 7&8 Computer Architecture

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