PTU - BBA 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th Sem Date Sheet May 2011

Punjab Technical University Jalandhar

Proposed Datesheet for Examination May-2011

Morning Session:9.30 AM to 12.30 PM / Evening Session:1.30 PM to 4.30 PM

Date - Sess - Sem - Sub Title

1st Semester

30-May-11 M 1 Business Mathematics
1-Jun-11 M 1 Principles of Management
3-Jun-11 M 1 Microeconomics
6-Jun-11 M 1 Organization Behavior
8-Jun-11 M 1 Business Communication – I
9-Jun-11 M 1 Introduction to Computers-I

2nd Semester

12-May-11 M 2 Human Resource Management
14-May-11 M 2 Business Communication – II
17-May-11 M 2 Financial Accounting
19-May-11 M 2 Macroeconomics
21-May-11 M 2 Business Laws – I
24-May-11 M 2 Introduction to Computers – II

3rd Semester

31-May-11 E 3 Cost and Management Accounting
2-Jun-11 E 3 Business Statistics
4-Jun-11 E 3 Indian Economy
7-Jun-11 E 3 Marketing Management
9-Jun-11 E 3 Production and Operations Management

4th Semester

13-May-11 E 4 Consumer Behavior
16-May-11 E 4 Business Laws – II
18-May-11 E 4 Research Methodology
20-May-11 E 4 Financial Management
23-May-11 E 4 Quality Management
25-May-11 E 4 Introduction to Database Management Systems

5th Semester

30-May-11 E 5 Project Management
1-Jun-11 E 5 Advertising and Sales Management
3-Jun-11 E 5 Marketing Research
6-Jun-11 E 5 Management Information Systems
8-Jun-11 E 5 Business Environment

6th Semester

12-May-11 E 6 Business Laws – III
14-May-11 E 6 Banking and Working Capital Management
17-May-11 E 6 Corporate Strategy
19-May-11 E 6 Entrepreneurship
21-May-11 E 6 Services Marketing
24-May-11 E 6 Environmental Science

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