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JET Test Paper 3

JET Test Paper 3

21. There are ________ number of Districts in Punjab.

a) 20 b) 22
c) 24 d) 28

22. Name the first Guru of Sikhs

a) Guru Angad Dev Ji
b) Guru Gobind Singh Ji
c) Guru Nanak Dev Ji
d) Guru Arjun Dev Ji

23. Name the Leading Industrial town of Punjab.

a) Amritsar b) Ludhiana
c) Gurdaspur d) Patiala

24. S. Parkash Singh Badal is _______ of Punjab.

a) Governor b) Education Minister
c) Chief Minister
d) Speaker of Vidhan Sabha

25. Popular Folk dance of Punjab associated with men is known as _______

a) Jhumar b) Sammi
c) Giddha d) Bhangra

26. Rice crop is harvested in the month of _______

a) December b) April
c) October d) January
27. Official language of Punjab is _______

a) Hindi b) Telgu
c) Marathi d) Punjabi

28. Who is the Indian most successful spin bowler belonging to Punjab

a) Kapil Dev b) Harbhajan Singh
c) Rahul Dravid
d) Mahendra Singh Dhoni

29. Deepawali is also known as festival of _______

a) Crackers b) Sweets
c) Lights d) Enjoyment

30. Holy book of Muslims is ________

a) Gita b) Bible
c) Quran d) Guru Granth Sahib

JET Questions 31 to 40


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