JET Test Paper 1

JET Practice Test Paper

Read the following passage and choose the correct option out of the four options given at the end of the each question (from question No. 1 to 6) .

Man is no doubt a great architect. But many members of the animal kingdom are no less. Their innovative designs and building techniques can inspire and put to shame many an expert. The ingenious use of available material amazes everyone. Meet the enterprising architects. Beavers are well–known for the dams and lodges they build. They have short and strong front teeth. With this, they gnaw through the trunk of trees, branches and cut pieces of necessary length. They choose a narrow part of the stream and drag all the wood to it. A four–to–five feet high dam is built with logs and interwoven branches, which are held firmly with mud and stones carried in their paws. Moles, gerbils, lemmings, besides rabbits, build their homes underground. Just one mole can dig a tunnel over 225 feet long in a night. Their homes have a network of passages and tunnels, which they keep extending. They throw out the earth, creating molehills and several exits. Gerbils found in Africa and Asia, also make burrows with several tunnels, which they constantly keep cleaning, renovating and extending. When there is a scarcity of food or flooding, they move to other burrows. Lemmings build a vast system of halls and tunnels, with several nests, storage facilities and even toilets. The mole rat has huge protruding incisors, which work as picks. These animals live on worms found underground. Moles bite the nerve center of earthworms, then immobilize and store them for later use. Their short hairs can move in all directions, thereby allowing the animal to burrow without dirt getting lodged in its fur.

1. Members of animal kingdom are also great_______.

a) Architects b) Killers
c) Magicians d) Speakers

2. Meaning of ingenious:

a) Worst b) Wonderful
c) Stupid d) Bad

3. Beavers are well known for the dams and _____ they build.

a) Houses b) Buildings
c) Lodges d) Dams

4. A high dam is built with ____.

a) Logs b) Sticks
c) Bricks d) Cement

5. One mole can dig a tunnel over ___feet long in a night.

a) 250 b) 270
c) 225 d) 280

6. Moles _____ earthworms for later use.
a) Demobilize b) Immobilize
c) Restore d) Throw

Change the voice of the given sentence:
The naughty boys laughed at the beggar.

a) The beggar is laughed at by the naughty boys.
b) The beggar is being laughed at by the naughty boys.
c) The beggar has been laughed at by the naughty boys.
d) The beggar was laughed at by the naughty boys.

8. Change the narration of the following sentence.
The old man said, "Alas! my youth is gone.

a) The old man exclaimed with sorrow that his youth is gone.
b) The old man exclaimed with sorrow that his youth was gone.
c) The old man exclaimed with joy that he has his youth gone.
d) The old man exclaimed with sorrow that my youth was gone.

9. Insert the suitable preposition.
Let us go _______ foot

a) on b) in
c) at d) by

10. Insert the suitable determiner.
Do you have _______ money?

a) much b) many
c) some d) any

Question 11 to 20

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