Call for Concept Papers for proposals on ‘Women Health, Hygiene & Nutrition’ under Biotechnology Based Programme for Women

Ministry of Science and Technology
Department of Biotechnology

Call for Concept Papers for proposals on ‘Women Health, Hygiene & Nutrition’ under Biotechnology Based Programme for Women

Concept Papers are invited for undertaking community based projects on “Women Health, Hygiene and Nutrition” under the Biotechnology Based Programme for Women, a part of Societal Development Programmes of the Department. The goal of this initiative is to foster women health in a holistic perspective that spans reproductive health needs, cancer screening, awareness and management, HIV/AIDS related cognizance and preventive measures, chronic disorders as iron deficiency anemia, folic acid deficiency, osteoporosis, other micro-nutrient deficiencies & nutraceuticals based interventions, pre and post-natal care and also pre-natal genetic disorder screening and counseling etc. The projects should be worked out for undertaking at community level for the benefit of large number of women. If required, the project may also cover some R & D component including community level survey and screening for early detection and timely management of various women-specific health disorders along with awareness generation and educational campaign on health, hygiene and nutritional issues.

The concept should run in two pages only and must include (a) Proposed Biotechnological intervention/s for certain identified needs / problems (b) Specific objectives, brief work plan and target women community (c) Benefits likely to be realized by the women beneficiaries (d) Tentative budget estimate, and enclose Brief biodata of the PI to indicate their qualifications, expertise and relevant experiences for implementing the proposed projects. The concept paper can be submitted by Medical Institutions / Colleges / Universities / NGOs etc. individually or jointly. The NGOs should be duly registered for minimum last three years and should have experience in implementing such projects at community level. The concept notes should be e-mailed to latest by March 25, 2011. A hard copy of the concept papers should also be sent to the Programme Officer-Dr Niloo Srivastava, Senior Scientific Officer, Department of Biotechnology, Block-2, CGO Complex, Lodhi Road, New Delhi- 110004. In cases of the short-listed concept papers, the PIs will be asked to develop their detailed proposals for further consideration of the Department.

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