BCA 3rd Year Question Paper of Internet Technologies, Gujarat University

Third Year B. C. A. (Theory) Examination

April / May – 2003

Internet Technologies (BCA - 303)

Time : 3 Hours
Total Marks : 50

1 Attempt any ten : 10

(1) What is the use of Javah ?
(2) What is Method Overloading ?
(3) What is the use of finalizer ?
(4) Explain 'Super' Keyword.
(5) What are Wrapper Classes ?
(6) Explain the Java.Util.Date class.
(7) The name of a Java program file must match the name of class with the extension. Java. (True / False).
(8) The break statement is required in the default case of Switch Selection Structure (True / False)
(9) When Present, package must be the first non-comment statement in the file. (True / False).
(10) A method declared as stalic can not access non-static class members. (True / False)
(11) Throwing an exception always causes program termination. (True / False).
(12) Any method in a super class can be overridden in its subclass.

2 Answer the following : (any five) 10

(1) Why Java is known as platform independent ?
(2) Differenciate between Java and C.
(3) Explain type conversion and type casting.
(4) When do we declare a method or class as final ?
(5) How can we set priority of a thread ?
(6) Differenciate between string and stringbuffer class.
(7) What is Stream ? Explain Filtered stream.

3 (a) Answer the following : (any two) 6

(1) Discuss Java Environment (API & JDK)
(2) Explain life cycle of thread with diagram.
(3) What is package ? Explain how do we add a class or an interface in a package.

(b) Differentiate the following : (any two) 4

(1) Interface and abstract class.
(2) Instance variable and class variable.
(3) Applet and Application.

4 (a) List any four inbuilt exceptions. Also explain how can you throw your own exception. 5


(a) Explain Life cycle of an Applet. (with diagrams) 5

4 (b) What is E - Commerce ? Explain B2B, B2C and C2C business Models. 5


(b) List out any six ASP objects. Explain any two objects of them. 5

5 Attempt any two : 10

(1) Write a program that counts number of words, and lines in the file. Take the file name as a command line arguments.

(2) Write a code for an applet that let the user enter two numbers from the two text fields. When user press a button, with the caption "Multiply" it displays Multiplication in third text field.

(3) Write a program that accepts five numbers from the commandline arguments and store them in a vector. Also write methods for :

(1) To delete an element
(2) To add an element at a Specified Location
(3) To add an element at the end.
(4) To Print the contents of the vector.

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