Sample Question For OCES/DGFS-2010

Sample Question For OCES/DGFS-2010


1. Claussius Clapeyron equation applies to the processes of

A) sublimation B) melting

C) vaporization D) all (A), (B) & (C)

2. In azeotropic mixture, the equilibrium vapour composition is

A) Less than liquid composition B) Same as the liquid composition

C) More than liquid composition C) not dependent on pressure

3. The ratio of kinematic viscosity to thermal diffusivity is called the

A) Peelet number B) Prandtl number C) Stanton number D) Nusselt number


1. The natural frequency of an undamped vibrating system is 100 rad/s. A damper with a damping factor of 0.8 is introduced into the system. The frequency of vibration of the damped system, in rad/s, is

A) 60 B) 75 C) 80 D) 100

2. Navier Stokes equation represents the conversation of :

A) energy B) mass C) pressure D) momentum

3. With increasing temperature of intake air IC engine efficiency

A) decreases B) increases

C) remains same D) depends on other factors


1. wattmeter cannot be designed on the principle of

A) Moving iron instrument

B) Electro-dynamic instrument

C) Electro-static instrument

D) Thermocouple instrument

2. Poynting vector is the

A) current density vector producing electro-static field

B) flux density vector producing electromagnetic field

C) power density vector producing electromagnetic field

D) power density vector producing electro-static field

3. An electromagnetic field is radiated from

A) a stationary point charge

B) a capacitor with DC voltage

C) a conductor carrying DC current

D) an oscillating dipole


1. matched pair of transistors is particularly useful for

A) Differential amplifier B) High gain amplifier

C) High input impedance amplifier D) Low output impedance amplifier

2. Magnetic flux density can be measured by using

A) ‘Q’ meter B) AC voltmeter C) Hall probe D) Energy meter

3. In closed loop type of A/D conversion the fastest technique is :

A) Successive Approximation B) Flash

C) Dual slope integration D) Counter-ramp


1. A “direct acting” instrument is one where an increasing input produces

A) an increasing output B) a decreasing output

C) a direct increase in the process variable

D) D) a direct decrease in the process variable

2. Cavitation is caused by

A) high velocity B) high pressure C) low pressure

D) low velocity

3. The gain of an operational amplifier will be maximum

A) with DC B) at 1 Hz C) at 100 Hz D) at 1 MHz


1. Which of the following is the fastest logic family





2. In computer networks, file compression is done in

A) Physical layer

B) Presentation layer

C) Data link layer

D) Session layer


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