Master + short courses IHS 2010-eConfluence

School of Plannning and Architechture

Master + short courses IHS 2010-eConfluence


Master Course in Urban Management and Development (UMD)
3 month International Course on Housing and Urban Development (ICHUD)
4 week Course Land Management and Informal Settlement Regularisation (LMISR)
3 week Course Urban Management Tools for Climate Change (UMTCC)
4 week Course Making Housing Affordable for All (MHAA)

Applicants for UMD and ICHUD, please tick specialisation:

Land Development Strategies and the Future of Cities
Urban Environmental and Infrastructure Management
Urban Management and Governance (not for ICHUD applicants)
Housing Development Strategies
Urban and Regional Development Strategies (not for ICHUD applicants)
Urban Social Development

Please send the completed application form to:

Institute for Housing and Urban Development Studies (IHS)
Staff Bureau Education & Training
P.O. Box 1935, 3000 BX Rotterdam, The Netherlands
Telephone: +31 (0) 10 4089825
Telefax: +31 (0) 10 4089826

Application and Selection Procedure

Admissions material should be sent to the Institute for Housing and Urban Development Studies (IHS), P.O. Box 1935, 3000 BX Rotterdam, the Netherlands. Please inform us promptly of any change of your address to ensure that you can be contacted throughout the admission process.

The following documents are required for your application:

1. Completed application form with two passport photographs (if possible). You are urged to apply as early as possible.

2. Transcripts and diplomas
Certified copies of diplomas and degrees from colleges or universities (a certified translation is required, if these diplomas are in a language other than English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, German, or Dutch).

The candidate must also send records showing courses and grades of each college or university attended. These official transcripts may be enclosed with the application form or sent directly to the Admissions Office by the registrar of the college or university. Since evaluation systems tend to vary, accompanying explanations (e.g. grade scales used) would be appreciated.

3. Language Test
Applicants who did not complete a Bachelors degree in English must show certificates with relevant test results (such as TOEFL min. 550/TOEFL computer-based min. 213/ TOEFL internet based 79, IELTS min.6.0 (no IELTS subtest <5.5). style="font-weight: bold;">

4. Employer’s statement for post-experienced
If you wish to apply for a NFP Fellowship, you should include a written statement in which your employer grants you permission to follow the course in question and is vouchsafing your continued employment upon return to your country.

5. Neso Certificate for Chinese students
Chinese students are required to register to the Netherlands Education Support Office (Neso) in Beijing for a "Neso Certificate". The "Neso Certificate" is a document that provides an assessment of the English language proficiency as well as of the educational degrees and diplomas that are required to gain admission to IHS. Check for more details.


In case you are searching for a fellowship; check for your possibilities. IHS only provides a small number of partial fellowships for the master course (check Please fill in question number 5 ‘Preparation’ how you intend to pay the costs of the course, your stay and other expenses (fees, etc.).

For more details, visit:


  1. hi whats the application deadline? and is it necessary to answer a language test for short term courses?

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