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Saturday, April 18, 2009

PTU Date Sheet May 2009

Punjab Technical University Jalandhar

New PTU Date Sheet December 2009
(Click this for Final Date Sheet for DEC 2009)

Date Sheet May 2009

Postponement of Examinations Kindly check it

Updated PTU May 26 to May 30, 2009 (ONLY) Exams are postponed

Click here to download Final PTU date Sheet May 2009
Updated 1.06.2009

PTU has again Postpones the examination May 2009, Now will be start on 26th May 2009 and the date sheet will be available on the PTU website on 19th May 2009

UPDATED PTU DATE SHEET MAY 2009 Starting From 26th May 2009 For All Courses

Second Time PTU has postponed May 2009 Examinations
(Now will be start on 26th May 2009)

In view of the forthcoming Lok Sabha elections, Punjab Technical University has decided to postpone all its examinations for all the regular courses running in the colleges affiliated to PTU scheduled from 8th May 2009 to 18th May 2009. The revised schedule for the examinations now commencing from 18th May 2009 shall be available on PTU website:

B.Tech Date Sheet

Production Engineering

Chemical Engineering

Electronic & Communication Engineering

Electronic & Instrumentation Engineering

Electrical Engineering

Computer Science Engineering

Civil Engineering

Mechanical Engineering


BCA (1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th & 6th Semester)


MCA (1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th & 5th Semester)


BBA (1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th & 6th Semester)


MBA (1st, 2nd, 3rd & 4th Semester)

You can download Course Wise Date Sheet For May-2009 (B.Tech 2002 & 2003 Batches, B.Tech 2004 Onwards Batches, B.Tech IT, Textile Engineering, Bio-Technology, Automobile Engineering, Bio Medical Engineering, B.Arch, B.Sc IT, M.Sc IT, Hotel Mgt, B.Sc ATHM, M.Sc ATHM, B.Sc MLT, B.Pharmacy, M.Sc MLT, M.Pharm, B.Sc BT, M.Sc SIM, B.Sc MEFT, B.Sc FT, M.Sc BT) of PTU by Clicking here

PTU Date Sheet May 2010

PTU Date Sheet May 2009 For MBA

Punjab Technical University, Jalandhar

Date Sheet For MBA

May 2009



09/05/09 MORNING 1ST MB101 Principles & Practices of Management
18/5/2009 MORNING 1ST MB102 Organizational Behaviour
20/5/2009 MORNING 1ST MB103 Accounting for Management
23/5/2009 MORNING 1ST MB104 Quantitative Techniques
26/5/2009 MORNING 1ST MB105 Managerial Economics


08/05/09 MORNING 2ND MB201 Business Environment
11/05/09 MORNING 2ND MB202 Production and Operations Management
19/5/2009 MORNING 2ND MB203 Human Resource Management
21/5/2009 MORNING 2ND MB204 Marketing Management
25/5/2009 MORNING 2ND MB205 Financial Management


08/05/09 EVENING 3RD/4TH MB401 Strategic Management
11/05/09 EVENING 3RD/4TH MB402 Project Evaluation & Implementation
19/5/2009 EVENING 3RD/4TH MB301 Applied Operations Research
21/5/2009 EVENING 3RD/4TH MB302 Corporate Legal Environment
25/5/2009 EVENING 3RD/4TH MB601 Marketing Research
3RD/4TH MB641 Quality Management

26/5/2009 EVENING 3RD/4TH MB602 Consumer Behaviour & Promotion
3RD/4TH MB642 Production Planning & Control
3RD/4TH MB682 Relational Database Management System

27/5/2009 EVENING 3RD/4TH MB603 Services Marketing
3RD/4TH MB646 Manufacturing Policy & Implementation
3RD/4TH MB683 Software Engineering

28/5/2009 EVENING 3RD/4TH MB604 Product & Brand Management
3RD/4TH MB624 Direct Tax Planning
3RD/4TH MB685 Introduction to Computer Network

29/5/2009 EVENING 3RD/4TH MB605 Sales, Channel & Logistics Management
3RD/4TH MB625 International Finance
3RD/4TH MB665 Social Security & Labour Welfare
3RD/4TH MB686 E-Commerce & IT Enabled Services

30/5/2009 EVENING 3RD/4TH MB606 International Marketing
3RD/4TH MB626 Working Capital Management
3RD/4TH MB666 Performance & Compensation Management
3RD/4TH MB687 Visual Programing

01/06/09 EVENING 3RD/4TH MB607 Rural Marketing
3RD/4TH MB627 Management Control Systems

02/06/09 EVENING 3RD/4TH MB628 Financial Engineering
03/06/09 EVENING 3RD/4TH MB621 Financial Services
04/06/09 EVENING 3RD/4TH MB661 Organisation Development
05/06/09 EVENING 3RD/4TH MB681 Programming in C/ C++
08/06/09 EVENING 3RD/4TH MB622 Security Analysis & Portfolio Management
09/06/09 EVENING 3RD/4TH MB662 Training & Development
10/06/09 EVENING 3RD/4TH MB664 Industrial Relations & Labour Laws
11/06/09 EVENING 3RD/4TH MB667 International Human Resource Management
12/06/09 EVENING 3RD/4TH MB623 Management of Banking & Financial Institutions
13/6/2009 EVENING 3RD/4TH MB663 Advanced Industrial Psychology

Date Sheet For BBA - PTU May 2009

Punjab Technical University

Date Sheet For BBA


1st Semester

29/5/2009 MORNING 1ST BB101 Principles of Management
01/06/09 MORNING 1ST BB102 Business Mathematics
03/06/09 MORNING 1ST BB103 Microeconomics
05/06/09 MORNING 1ST BB104 Organization Behavior
08/06/09 MORNING 1ST BB105 Business Communication – I
10/06/09 MORNING 1ST BB106 Introduction to Computers - I

2nd Semester

08/05/09 MORNING 2ND BB201 Financial Accounting
11/05/09 MORNING 2ND BB202 Macroeconomics
19/5/2009 MORNING 2ND BB203 Business Laws – I
21/5/2009 MORNING 2ND BB204 Human Resource Management
25/5/2009 MORNING 2ND BB205 Business Communication – II
27/5/2009 MORNING 2ND BB206 Introduction to Computers – II

3rd Semester

09/05/09 EVENING 3RD BB301 Indian Economy
18/5/2009 EVENING 3RD BB302 Marketing Management
20/5/2009 EVENING 3RD BB303 Cost and Management Accounting
23/5/2009 EVENING 3RD BB304 Business Statistics
26/5/2009 EVENING 3RD BB305 Production and Operations Management

4th Semester

09/05/09 MORNING 4TH BB401 Research Methodology
18/5/2009 MORNING 4TH BB402 Financial Management
20/5/2009 MORNING 4TH BB403 Consumer Behavior
23/5/2009 MORNING 4TH BB404 Business Laws – II
26/5/2009 MORNING 4TH BB405 Quality Management
28/5/2009 MORNING 4TH BB406 Introduction to Database Management Systems

5th Semester

30/5/2009 EVENING 5TH BB501 Business Environment
02/06/09 EVENING 5TH BB502 Project Management
04/06/09 EVENING 5TH BB503 Advertising and Sales Management
06/06/09 EVENING 5TH BB504 Marketing Research
09/06/09 EVENING 5TH BB505 Management Information Systems

6th Semester

08/05/09 EVENING 6TH BB601 Corporate Strategy
11/05/09 EVENING 6TH BB602 Entrepreneurship
19/5/2009 EVENING 6TH BB603 Services Marketing
21/5/2009 EVENING 6TH BB604 Business Laws – III
25/5/2009 EVENING 6TH BB605 Banking and Working Capital Management
27/5/2009 EVENING 6TH CE-216 Environmental Science

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