NIT Kurukshetra’s technical fest: technology with a social perspective

NIT Kurukshetra

NIT Kurukshetra’s technical fest: technology with a social perspective

Yes, to the most eagerly awaited participants, WE ARE BACK!! Literati 2010 is back. For others with growing curiosity.. Please read on.

The college students nowadays are thought to be devoid of any idealism, smugly satisfied in their own make-believe world. Engineering, which attracts some of the brightest minds of our country, remains woefully short in fulfilling the responsibility towards the community. National Institute of Technology, Kurukshetra (an ‘Institution of National Importance’) is a premier technical institute in Haryana. For more than forty years, it has serviced the nation with utmost sincerity.

Literati, the flagship technical event of NIT Kurukshetra, and one of the biggest of its kind in north India, this time scheduled for 28-31 January 2010, comes up with new initiatives which are to be implemented especially by keeping in mind the society, and not just the budding engineers of this time. In tune with the technological demand of our times, Literati 2009 kept its theme as ‘Let’s Go Green’, with emphasis on renewable energy and its applications in daily life. This time, Literati 2010, a 4 day magnum opus, which sees a huge participation every year from across the country, plans to implement, apart from as many as 50 technical events, these initiatives: The NIT Kurukshetra Director’s trophy: a rolling trophy designed for students studying in schools in the Haryana and Delhi region, will feature quizzes and debates; and a chance for them to explore a technical institute like NIT. The Red Bike Concept: this would introduce a number of red cycles to be used exclusively in the campus, to make the campus as environment-friendly as possible, in its own unique way. The Energy Conservation Competition: students in different hostels would compete against each other for the award for the least energy consumption through the whole month of Literati.

The students believe that these initiatives are simple, energy-efficient and can be replicated across the country, and that environment conservation needs to be initiated from the grass root level. The youth needs to realise that they need to pick up the cudgels of social responsibility and act sincerely. You can find out more about these initiatives and all the other events in Literati 2010 on our website.

PS: NIT Kurukshetra will take care of all needs of the participants including travel and food. But please make your own arrangements when it comes to carrying the truck loads of prizes that you would win.

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