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Thursday, March 6, 2008

Introduction to Family Life Education

Bachelor in Social Work (BSW)

Term-End Examination
Introduction to Family Life Education

Time: 3 hours
Maximum Marks: 100

Note: (i) Attempt all the five questions.
(ii) All the three questions carry equal marks.
(iii) Answer to questions 1 and 2 should not exceed 500 words

December 2006

1. Define family and describe the concept of family in UN Declarations. (20)


What do you understand by sexual health education ? Describe briefly the main components of sexual health education.

2. What are the three stages of human development after conception? Briefly discuss. (20)


Explain briefly some of the important aspects to be considered while choosing a life partner.

3. Answer any two of the following questions in about 250 words each :

(i) Discuss in brief the salient features of National Population Policy, 2000. (10)

(ii) Explain briefly some of the major effects of divorce. (10)

(iii) "Family is the agent of a new society in the context of value formation." Discuss (10)

(iv) Describe the role of school teachers in imparting sexual health education in the Indian context. (10)

4. Answer any four of the following questions in about 150 words each :

(i) Briefly explain how relationship and bonding are central to family life. (5)

(ii) What do you understand by the concept of "Personality development" ? (5)

(iii) Discuss briefly the importance of family life education. (5)

(iv) Distinguish between role expectations of a man and a woman in marital life. (5)

(v) Describe briefly some of the important forms of marriage. (5)

(vi) What are the salient features of the MTP Act, I971 ? (5)

5. Write short notes on any five of the following in about 100 words each :

(i) Natural family planning methods (4)

(ii) Problems encountered by the family (4)

(iii) Grounds for divorce under Special Marriage Act (4)

(iv) Menstrual cycle (4)

(v) Forms of marriage (4)

(vi) Scientific data on strength of men and women (4)

(vii) Masculinities and comm commercialization of sexuality (4)

(viii) Objectives of family life education (4)


B.Tech. Civil (Construction Management) /
B.Tech. Civil (Water Resources Engineering)

Term-End Examination

December, 2005

(Probability & Statistics)

Time: 3 hours
Maximum Marks: 70

Note : All questions are compulsory. Use of calculator is followed. Use statistical table wherever necessary.

1. Answer any six of the following : (6x5=30)

(a) The chance that doctor A will diagnose a disease X is 6%. The chance that a patient will die by his treatment after correct diagnosis is 40% and the chance of death by wrong diagnosis is 70%. A patient of doctor A who had disease X died. What is the chance that his disease was diagnosed correctly?

(b) Box A contains 2 white and 4 black balls. Another box B contains 5 white and 7 black balls. A ball is transferred from the box A to the box B. Then a ball is drawn from the box B. Find the probability that it is a white ball.

(c) Find the errors in each of the following statements. Give reasons also.

(i) The probability that it will rain tomorrow is 0.40 and the probability that it will not rain tomorrow is 0.52.

(ii) On a single draw from a deck of playing cards,the probability of selectng a heart is 1/4. the probability of selecting a black card is 1/2, and the probability of selecting both a heart and a black card is 1/8.

(d) Hoping to increase the chances of reaching a performance goal, the director of a research project has assigned three separate research teams the same task. The director estimates that the team reliabilities are 0.9, 0.8, and 0.7 for successfully completing thetask in the allotted time. The task will be completed if any one team completes it in the allotted time. Assuming that the teams work independently, what is the probability that the task will not be completed in time ?

(e) A system consists of three identical components. Inorder for the system to perform as intended, all of the components must perform. Each component has the same probability of performance. If the system is to have a 0.92 probability of performing, what is the minimum probability of performance needed by each of the individual components ?

(f) Let E and F be two independent events. The probability that both E and F happen is 1/12 and the probability that neither E nor F happen is 1/2. Find out P(E) and P(F).

(g) A student takes his examination in four subjects P,Q, R, and S. He estimates his chances of passing in P as 4/5, in Q as 3/4, in R as 5/6 and in S as 2/3. To qualify, he must pass in P and at least two other subjects. What is the probability that he qualifies ?

(h) Police plan to enforce speed limits by using radar traps at 4 different locations within the city limits.The radar traps at each of the locations L1, L2, L3,and L4 are operated 40%, 30%, 20% and 30% ofthe time. If a person who is over-speeding on his way to work has probabilities of 0.2, 0.1, 0.5 and 0.2 respectively of passing through these locations, what is the probability that he will receive a speeding ticket ?

2. Answer any two of the following : (2x10=20)

(a) A certain screw making machine produces an average of 2 defective screws out of 100 and packs them in boxes of 500. Find the probability that a box contains 15 defective screws.

(b) A random sample of 5 units is selected from a steady stream of products from a punch press and the fraction defective is 0.10.

(i) What is the probability of 1 defective unit in the sample ?
(ii) What is the probability of 1 or less defective unit ?
(iii) what is the probability of 2 or more defective units ?

(c) If the probability that a heat-treating batch will be defective is 0.01, what is the probability of two defective batches out of 250 ? What is the probability of 2 or less ? Use Poisson distributor.

3. Answer any two the following: (2x10=20)

(a) A group of 200 students has the mean height of 154 cm. Another group of 300 students has the mean height of 152 cm. Can these be from the same population with standard deviation (S.D) of 5 cm ?

(b) A random sample of 16 values from a normal population is found to have a mean of 41.5 and standard deviation of 2.795. On this basis, is there any reason to reject the hypothesis that the population mean µ = 43 ? Also find the confidence limits for µ.

(c) A manufacturer of sports equipment has developed anew synthetic fishing line that he claims has a mean breaking strength of 8 kilograms with a standard deviation of 0.5 kilogram Test the hypothesis that µ = 8 kilograms against the alternative that µ ? 8 kilograms if a random sample of 50 fishing lines is tested and found to have a mean breaking strength of 7.8 kilograms. Use a 0.01 level of significance.

System Methods

B.Tech. Civil (Construction Management)
B.Tech. Civil (Water Resources Management)

Term-End Examination

System Methods

Time: 3 hours
Maximum Marks: 70

Note: All questions are compulsory. Use of calculators is allowed

December 2006

1. Answer any six questions : (5x6=30)

(a) Describe the temperature control system of human body with the help of block diagram.

(b) what are piezo-electric crystals? Where do you find their applications?

(c) What are the different types of electrical heating processes? Illustrate each with the help of suitable examples.

(d) Why is the D.C. series motor selected for electric traction? What are the methods of controlling the speed of (i) separately excited, (ii) shunt, and (iii) series motors ?

(e) Lead screw is a device, which transforms circular motion of the driving motor into to-and-fro motion. Describe a motion transformer which converts rectilinear motion into circular motion.

(f) Cite at least one example each of hydraulic, mechanical, thermal and electro-mechanical control systems. Explain their operation with the help of block diagrams.

(g) Draw a block diagram for water level control system. Identify reference input, error and output signals.

(h) What are various types of physical models? Give at least one example of each type.

(i) What is the purpose of pump in fluidity system? What are the typical applications of positive displacement pump?

(j) Explain D'Alembert's principle. Draw a free body diagram for spring - Mass - Damper system.

2. Answer any two of the following : (10x:2=20)

(a) A scrap metal, dealer has received a bulk order from a custome r for a supply of at least 8000 kg of scrap metal. The customer has specified that at least 4000 kg of the order must be of high quality copper that can be melted easily and can be used to produce tubes. Further, the customer has specified that the order should not contain more than 200 kg of scrap which is unfit for commercial purposes. The scrap metal dealer, purchases scrap from two different sources in an unlimited quantity with the following percentages (by weight) of high quality copper and unfit scrap
Source A Source B
Copper 40% 75%
Unfit scrap 7.5% 10%

The cost of metal purchased from Source A and Source B is Rs. 25 and Rs. 29 per kg respectively. Determine the optimum quantities of metal to be purchased from the two sources by the scrap metal dealer so as to minimize the total cost. Use graphical method to identify the feasible region and comment on the feasibility of solution

(b) Find the initial basic feasible solution to the following Transportation Problem using North West Corner Method. Also obtain the solution by Vogel's approximation method. Compare both the solutions

--- TABLE ---

(c) A machine operator processes five types of items on his machine each week and must choose a sequence" for them. The set-up cost per change depends on the items presently on the machine and the set-up to be made according to the following table:

--- TABLE ---

If he processes type of item once and only once in each week, how should he sequence the items on his machine, in order to minimize the total set-up cost?

3. Answer any two of the following (10x2=20)

(a) A small maintenance project consists of the following jobs whose precedence relationships is given below :
Job Duration (Days)
1-2 15
1-3 15
2-3 3
2-5 5
3-4 8
3-6 12
4-5 1
4-6 14
5-6 3
6-7 14

Draw an arrow diagram representing project and find
(i) Total float for each activity,
(ii) The critical path and
(iii) Total project duration.

(b) A booking counter takes 10 minutes to book a ticket for each customer. If the customers are arriving according to a Poisson process, with a rate of 4 per hour, then find out:
(i) Expected queue length,
(ii) Expected waiting time of a customer,
(iii) Expected time a customer spends in the system,
(iv) Expected number of Customers in the system.

(c) Write short notes on the following :
(i) ABC Classification
(ii) Principle of Optimality
(iii) Surplus and Slack variable
(iv) Probabilistic estimates in PERT
(v) Characteristics of a queuing model


Meerut & Greater Noida

Admission Notice For MBA, PGDM, PGCM

(1) MBA (Marketing, HR, IT & Finance)
2 Years Full Time Program

(2) PGDM (Marketing, HR, IT & Finance)
2 Years Full Time Program

(3) PGCM (Retail Management)
15 Months Full Time Program


Students Appeared /Appearing in CAT/MAT for the current session with Graduation in any discipline from ant recognised Indian University. Final year appearing students may also apply.

How To Apply:
The Candidates are required to purchase the registration form/ Prospectus from the Institute on payment of Rs. 1000/- through Cash or DD in favour of IIMT College, Payable at Meerut/ Greater Noida.

Important Dates:
GD/PI On 15th March & 16 march 2008


‘O’ Pocket, Ganga Nagar Colony, Mawana Road, Meerut(U.P.)
Ph. : (0121) 2620284, 2620287
Fax : (0121) 4029802

Knowledge Park III, plot no. 20-A Grater Noida(U.P.)
Ph. : (0120) 2231880
Mo. :09911009144


For More Details Please Visit:

Executive Post-graduate Diploma in Pharmaceutical Management (IPHMR Kolkata)

Institute of Pharmaceutical & Healthcare Management and Research
In collaboration with the Pharmaceutical Industry Kolkata

IPHMR announces third academic session 2008-2009

Executive Post-graduate Diploma in Pharmaceutical Management – 15-month (12 + 3) programme.

Graduates in Science, Technology, Pharmacy, Medicine, Biotechnology and allied subjects with a minimum of 50% marks or at least two years’ experience in Pharmaceutical Industry.

The process of admission includes evaluation through written test, group discussion and interview conducted at the premises of IPHMR in Kolkata.

Important points to be noted by the applicants for admission Ensure despatch of duty filled-in application form with

* Attested copy of School Leaving Certificate and Mark sheet
*Attested copy of H.S. / equivalent examination Certificate and Mark sheet
*Attested copy of Graduate/Post-graduate Degree Certificate and Mark sheet with a minimum of 50% marks on the aggregate.
*Passport size photograph duly signed affixed across the space provided in the application form.
*Four additional copies of such signed passport size photograph.
*Demand Draft for Rs. 951/- (Rupees Nine hundred fifty-one) only drawn in favour of “Institute of Pharmaceutical & Healthcare Management and Research” payable at Kolkata as fees for processing application including final selection for admission.
*In case the form is downloaded from the website, a Demand Draft of Rs. 1251/- (Rs. 300/- + 951/-) only drawn in favour of “Institute of Pharmaceutical & Healthcare Management and Research” payable at Kolkata as fees for application form and processing of application including final selection for admission.

Mailing Address

Admission Office
Institute of Pharmaceutical & Healthcare Management and Research
318-B Prantik Pally,
Kolkata 700 107
Phone: 3291 6255 / 6414 4630 / 3051 7400
Email Id :-

For More Details Please Visit:

Admission To Masters Degree Programmes (MMM/ MFM/ MIM/ MHRDM) (Institute of Management, Mumbai)

Institute of Management, Mumbai, Maharashtra

Masters Degree Programmes (MMM/ MFM/ MIM/ MHRDM)

Three-year, part-time post graduate programmes affiliated to Mumbai University & Accredited by the Directorate of Technical Education (DTE)

Programme Objective:

The part-time Master's Degree programmes enable executives to pursue advanced studies in their chosen area of specialisation viz. Human Resource Development, Finance, Marketing and Information – with a view to enhancing career prospects.


Bachelor's Degree in any discipline from a recognised university with Minimum 2 years work experience at supervisory / executive level, after graduation. (The 2 year period is calculated from the date of final examination at the degree level.)

No. of Seats : 60 per programme

How To Apply:

Students can obtain the form and Prospectus from MET for Rs. 600/- in cash or DD payable at Mumbai in favour of 'MET's Institute of Management'.
Visits to pay online using your Credit Card.
Send us the DD of Rs. 600/- by post. DD should be in favour of "MET's Institue of Management", payable at Mumbai. We will send you the form and prospectus by courier.

Students need to fill-in the form and submit the same to the institute with necessary attachments.

Selection Procedure:

The selection procedure is divided into three phases:
1. Entrance Examination
2. Group discussion
3. Personal interview

The selection procedure for the MET Part-time Masters Degree programmes is held at MET Complex, Mumbai. However, the degree is awarded by the Mumbai University.

Important Dates:

Last date for form submission
April 09, 2008

Entrance Exam
April 13, 2008

Result Declaration
May 03, 2008

Course Commencement
July 14, 2008

For More Details Please Visit:

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