Chemistry Entrance Test 4

Chemistry Entrance Test

Chemistry Objective Type Questions with Answers for the preparation of Engineering Entrance Test like AIEEE, IIT-JEE, CET etc. (For Science Students)

Test 4

(1) The ionic mobility of alkali metal ions in aqueous solution is maximum for

(a) K+
(b) Rb+
(c) Li+
(d) Na+

Answer (b) Rb+

(2) Density of a 2.05 M solution of acetic acid in water is 1.02 g/mL. The molality of the solution is

(a) 1.14 mol kg–1
(b) 3.28 mol kg–1
(c) 2.28 mol kg–1
(d) 0.44 mol kg–1

Answer (c) 2.28 mol kg–1

(3) How many EDTA (ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid) molecules are required to make an octahedral complex with a Ca2+ ion?

(a) Six
(b) Three
(c) One
(d) Two

Answer (c) One

(4) 18 g of glucose (C6H12O6) is added to 178.2 g of water. The vapour pressure of water for this aqueous solution at 100oC is

(a) 759.00 Torr
(b) 7.60 Torr
(c) 76.00 Torr
(d) 752.40 Torr

Answer (d) 752.40 Torr

(5) Which of the following oxides is amphoteric in character?

(a) CaO
(b) CO2
(c) SiO2
(d) SnO2

Answer (d) SnO2

(6) If α is the degree of dissociation of Na2SO4, the vant Hoff’s factor (i) used for calculating the molecular mass is

(a) 1 + α
(b) 1 - α
(c) 1 + 2 α
(d) 1 – 2 α

Answer (c) 1 + 2 α

(7) Hydrogen bomb is based on the principle of

(a) Nuclear fission
(b) Natural radioactivity
(c) Nuclear fusion
(d) Artificial radioactivity

Answer (c) Nuclear fusion

(8) An ionic compound has a unit cell consisting of A ions at the corners of a cube and B ions on the centres of the faces of the cube. The empirical formula for this compound would be

(a) AB
(b) A2B
(c) AB3
(d) A3B

Answer (c) AB3

(9) Which of the following is a polyamide?

(a) Teflon
(b) Nylon – 66
(c) Terylene
(d) Bakelite

Answer (b) Nylon – 66

(10) Which one of the following types of drugs reduces fever?

(a) Analgesic
(b) Antipyretic
(c) Antibiotic
(d) Tranquiliser

Answer (b) Antipyretic

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